District Projects

Every year between the months of January and March, every school in the Puyallup School District facilitates a community service project with their students. As a part of this program, coordinators at each school will register their project prior to completing it so that we know what projects are happening in our community. After the project is completed, they will submit a report so that we can elevate and celebrate the work. Both of these forms can be found below.

Need inspiration for projects? you can see current and previous years’ projects below!

Register and Report Your Project

Prior to facilitating your project, please register it so that we are aware of the projects happening in our community.

Once you have completed your project, you will report on it below so that we can celebrate to service happening in Puyallup!

If you have any pictures you would like to share, you can tag March Gladness on Facebook (March Gladness) or Instagram (@march_gladness). Or, you can email them to Megan Tackett at tackem@puyallup.k12.wa.us

Previous Years