Each year, Communities In Schools coordinates a series of community service projects known as March Gladness. From January through March, students across the Puyallup School District play a leading role in creating and carrying out a service project to benefit a local, national, or global cause. Beginning with a district-wide response to the tragedies of the 2005 Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, March Gladness has grown into a large and powerful tradition in Puyallup.

In 2022, 10,258+ student volunteers contributed 481 hours, raised $5,365, and collected 40,758 items for causes like relief for Ukraine, food bank support, and supporting other students locally. The opportunity to get involved in meaningful community service is one of the most transformative experiences a student can have. March Gladness is an opportunity for students to learn more about the values of service, connect to their community, and grow in a healthy, nurturing environment. Learn more about past projects here.