Two days a week for one hour, exemplary junior high and high school students work one-on-one with 4th-6th grade students struggling in math at Karshner  elementary school. In addition to helping with homework and reinforcing key skills, the tutors develop fun and interactive games to encourage their students to embrace math and succeed academically. The tutoring also affords junior high and high school students an excellent opportunity for the completion of their service hours requirement for graduation.

We are always looking for volunteer tutors for the beginning of every school year. If you are interested please get into contact with us.

Please note that all tutors must undergo a training session to familiarize themselves with the math curriculum and tutor responsibilities. Our training sessions are offered prior to the start of math tutoring sessions at Karshner

In addition to attending a training session, all tutors need to complete an Online Volunteer Application on the Puyallup School District website; here is the link: PSD Volunteer Services. When applying, under “Volunteer Category,” you will want to select COMMUNITIES IN SCHOOLS. This will ensure we receive your application. At the end of the application you will then select the school(s) you are interested in volunteering at.