This story was submitted by our Site Coordinator Julie:

Tina was a new student this year, and after having been at numerous schools in her 8 years of life, she was struggling academically in many areas, especially reading. She also had attendance problems due to an illness in her family. When her sibling was sick, they both routinely stayed home. We enrolled Tina in our Good Samaritan Readers program, as well as our Lunch Buddies program and not only is her reading improving, but so too is her attendance. She’s been coming to school nearly every day. We are excited to see where Tina will be by the end of the year. It is so exciting to see her feel a sense of success and empowerment when she finishes reading a book. She is also making new friends in Lunch Buddies. It’s going to be a great year!

Note: names have been changed to protect student privacy.