Lucía came from a bilingual family and was having difficulties with reading. Though she initially tested at grade level when she began first grade, she began slipping behind as the list of vocabulary words grew and the readings became more challenging. The more she struggled in the classroom, the more her confidence suffered, which became a vicious cycle, further impeding her ability to read at grade level. After participating in our Good Samaritan Readers Program from October 2011 to June 2012, she made rapid progress and completed the year at grade level. Her tutor, Paula, took special care to cultivate the rapport Lucía needed to feel confident to read. Even after a short period of time, it became evident that Lucía’s reading ability and her sense of isolation was decreasing. Lucía grew to be particularly fond of the Junie B Jones series, and though she did not always understand the subtle humor of the stories, Paula worked hard with her to begin to unravel the intricacies of humor in another language. Lucía has become an avid reader, enjoys discussing books, and looks forward to reading the whole Junie B series over the summer.

Note: names have been changed to protect student privacy.