I've been working closely with a student since last year. We meet together virtually and work on different Social-Emotional Learning skills. One day, he let me know he was super stressed out and wanted to talk through it with me. I asked him what strategies he used to calm himself down (we work a lot on positive self-talk together). He went through the different positive things he told himself and the breathing strategies he used and said he was able to calm down and get all his work done and catch up. It’s awesome to help students independently cope with their stress and anxiety and add important skills to their toolbelt.

Communities In Schools of Puyallup Site Coordinator

The Students We Serve

We focus on providing equitable access to resources and education for students. Last year’s demographics for case-managed students include the following.

95% Low Income

57% Students of Color

12% Experiencing Homelessness

27% English Language Learners

Wide Reach. Big Impact.

Our site coordinators are in schools to help kids spot and overcome roadblocks to success.

386 Case-Managed Students
3,419 Students Receiving Support
Through School-Wide Programs
11,408 Total Students Served,
Including District-Wide Programs

Student Outcomes

We believe greatness exists in every child and are committed to helping kids see it too. Last school year, our case-managed students made outstanding progress on their personal goals.

  • 84%
    Improved Attendance
  • 99%
    Improved Behavior
  • 69%
    Improved Coursework