Become a CIS of Puyallup Changemaker to help local students achieve their full potential!

A Changemaker is a dedicated, caring individual whose passions and actions align with CIS of Puyallup’s mission to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

CIS of Puyallup is recruiting Changemakers to increase our community impact and set Puyallup students up for a lifetime of success. Are you ready to become a Changemaker?

Changemakers support CIS of Puyallup through…

Special Events

You might see Changemakers packing bags of food at your local grocery store, or directing cars into parking lots during Fair season. This could be you! We always need a few extra hands to help with our special events and efforts in the community.

Program Support

Make meaningful connections with students to help them achieve personal and academic goals through mentoring, tutoring, reading support (formerly known as Good Samaritan Readers), and enrichment support. Click here to learn more about our mentoring support.


Help us increase our community reach and impact by supporting our fundraising campaigns. Get involved during annual and seasonal fundraising campaigns or host one of your own!