CIS Model Schools

Schools with paid site coordinators providing the full national Communities In Schools (CIS) model of integrated student supports which includes case management for individual students and general whole school supports.

Puyallup School District

Additional Schools

Schools receiving some components and resources of the CIS Model to support school needs.

Puyallup School District

  • Aylen Junior High
  • Ballou Junior High
  • Brouillet Elementary
  • Carson Elementary
  • Edgemont Junior High
  • Edgerton Elementary
  • Emerald Ridge High School
  • Ferrucci Junior High
  • Fruitland Elementary
  • Glacier View Junior High
  • Hunt Elementary
  • Kalles Junior High
  • Maplewood Elementary
  • Meeker Elementary
  • Mt. View Elementary
  • Northwood Elementary
  • Puyallup High School
  • Ridgecrest Elementary
  • Rogers High School
  • Shaw Road Elementary
  • Spinning Elementary
  • Stahl Junior High
  • Walker High School
  • Waller Road Elementary
  • Wildwood Elementary
  • Zeiger Elementary