Our work is best shared through the stories and images of our students, and testimonials from others touched by the work we do. We invite you to click on a story below… and be inspired.

Success Stories to Read

Since COVID protocols were put in place in March 2020, our Good Samaritan Readers program has been put on hold. Last week, we welcomed back our first tutor to Woodland Elementary. Our longtime Good Samaritan Reader Barb helped a third-grader with her reading. Woodland Site Coordinator Mary Burkholder, had this to say about the interaction: […]

One of our students had not been engaging in any online learning. As a result of her consistent absences, she was going to be dropped from the school. This student has been a part of our weekend food program since last year. Due to the school closure, I was in frequent contact with mom last year, […]

All schools know that building relationships with the community is very important. Having a Communities In Schools Site Coordinator at Sunrise has helped develop relationships with the community. We’ve increased the number of volunteers that directly help with reading and math instruction. We’ve developed positive relationships with community organizations to support Sunrise and we have […]

I have been a tutor with the Good Samaritan Readers Program for five years, and a tutor with Emily for three. When we first started, she had a hard time sounding out words. Now she has finished learning 1,000 sight-words, reads fluently with comprehension, and is expanding her reading material to include chapter books, magazines, […]

This story was submitted by a parent of one of our Good Samaritan Readers students: My son, Evan, has been a part of the Good Sam Reading Program for almost two years. He has had the privilege of having the same amazing tutor, Jerry, this entire time. With ever growing class sizes and educational gaps […]

K transformed from a struggling reader, arriving tired, unfocused, and withdrawn at the beginning of the first grade, into an eager learner.