Since COVID protocols were put in place in March 2020, our Good Samaritan Readers program has been put on hold. Last week, we welcomed back our first tutor to Woodland Elementary. Our longtime Good Samaritan Reader Barb helped a third-grader with her reading. Woodland Site Coordinator Mary Burkholder, had this to say about the interaction:

“The student kept asking me and asking me, ‘When are you gonna take me to do that reading thingy?’ This is the first time a reading tutoring session has happened since the student was in the first grade and we were shut down due to the pandemic. I could sense how much it meant to her to be back with a tutor one-on-one.’

Good Samaritan Readers is Communities In Schools of Puyallup’s cornerstone program and we’re ecstatic to have a tutor back on campus helping a student. This program is one of the best ways we achieve our mission to help students stay in school and achieve in life. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to megan at