One of our students had not been engaging in any online learning. As a result of her consistent absences, she was going to be dropped from the school. This student has been a part of our weekend food program since last year. Due to the school closure, I was in frequent contact with mom last year, but when I reengaged with the family this year, I have not been able to have much contact. When I heard that she was going to be unenrolled, I spoke with the principal and counselor to see what we could do to support this family and get the student engaged. The principal agreed to do a home visit with our campus SRO and me to check in with the family and see what barriers were keeping the student from engaging. We were able to speak with mom and understand that she is very overwhelmed and needed some extra support. The principal was able to get the family a hotspot from another school so the family could be prepared for online learning come Monday. I let mom know that she can call me anytime if she needs help with navigating the online platforms or if she needs support in any way. On Monday, the mom called me to help her daughter get into her class Teams meeting. We got her in, and the student was very engaged and excited to join the meeting for the day! Each day I have been checking-in with the teacher to make sure the student is coming to class and to see how she is doing. Her teacher has been consistently reporting that the student has shown up to all meetings and is going above and beyond in the meetings as well as her asynchronous work. I am so happy that I was able to advocate for this family and help them get the support they needed to get the children in the household learning and on-track once again. I will continue to check-in and see how I can help support the student and her family.