With the last day of school just days away, we asked our site coordinators to reflect on some of their favorite moments throughout the school year. Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, but we also surround our staff, volunteers, and community members with the joy of friendships made with bright, spirited young students. Here are our Site Coordinator’s reflections from the 2021-2022 school year:

“My favorite program we started this year is Art Over Recess. Fifth and sixth-grade students could skip recess and do art with me instead, and it was such a great time to create and get to build relationships! Every time we get together, we start our time with a “Post-it Prompt’ where I can get to know the students better by asking them questions about themselves. Our last time together the question was, ‘What was your favorite part about Art Over Recess this year?’ Many of their responses were, ‘getting to spend time together.’ Creating art is wonderful and all, but building relationships is really what it is all about.” -Kay Tremper, Stewart Elementary

“I have gotten to know one amazing student in particular over the last three years through our weekly meetings together. It’s been so great seeing him grow and continue to be an all-around awesome person. I am going to miss my lunch buddy!” -Holly Bonacio, Karshner Elementary

“I was gifted a unique opportunity to connect with so many incredible students! It has been an honor to serve as a caring adult for the Pope students, who trusted me to encourage and advocate for them throughout the school year. I loved being a part of the amazing Pope staff and joining in on their efforts to provide a sense of belonging for each of our students this year.” -Kelsey Hays, Pope Elementary

“My favorite part of being a site coordinator is the relationships I’ve built with my students. I’ve grown extremely close to a third-grade class here at Dessie Evans. They all run up to hug me every single morning, beg me to play at recess with them, and ask to be a part of my Art Over Recess club. These kids are a huge reason I want to continue to work in the school environment! As they grow and move on to their next grade, they will always know Miss Sami is right around the corner to support them. I cannot wait to continue watching them grow over the next few years!” -Sami Schubert, Dessie Evans Elementary

“Woodland is full of soaring Eagles and budding artists like Cassie! It didn’t take long for me to notice her sense of imagination and artistic ability. Cassie and I meet weekly, building three-dimensional art displays, including a dinner theater complete with sequin curtains, a drive-through coffee place for pets, and now a fairy garden scene made with recyclables. I admire her creativity and deeply appreciate her friendship.” –Mary Burkholder, Woodland Elementary

“A highlight for me has been maintaining the relationships I have developed over the last few years at Sunrise. I have seen tremendous growth in the girls in our lunch buddy group and how they interact with their peers and adults. It is an honor and privilege to be part of their lives.” –Janeen Covell, Sunrise Elementary