It’s easy to take simple necessities, like adequate clothing during winter, for granted. For some students, a warm coat can provide comfort and alleviate stress, which helps prepare them for in-class learning. Read below how our Stewart Elementary site coordinator empowered a student by simply connecting her with a pretty yellow coat to keep her cozy during the cold winter months.

“I have developed a relationship with a student who has some struggles daily. One is access to adequate clothing/weather gear. After three days in a row wearing the same clothes, one being a coat that was several sizes too big for her, I asked her if she had a warmer jacket. She said no, she only had this one and it was her grandma’s because she didn’t have anything and her Mom didn’t have money. So I had her try on a few items in the closet here at Stewart. Her face lit up when she found a pretty, warm yellow jacket that fit her perfectly. She looked at me and said, ‘Is this mine to keep forever?’ I said that it was. She started crying and ran to hug me and said that she couldn’t believe it and she would take good care of it.” -Carrie, Stewart Site Coordinator