Salvation Army Partnership

Our Faith Partnership Coordinator has built a great partnership with our local Salvation Army- Puyallup Valley Corps. Keep reading this story from one of our Site Coordinators to find out how this partnership created a great back to school experience for a couple of local students: 

A Shopping Spree!

“At 8:45pm on a Thursday, I received a call from our Faith Partnership Coordinator asking if I had a family with two children who could participate in a shopping spree at Walmart provided by the Salvation Army at noon the next day. All of the children participating would have approved chaperones at the event. I thought of a family that had two children that had lost their mother the previous school year. I called the father just before 9pm hoping he would answer. The father said he would like his children to be able to participate and expressed much appreciation.

I woke up on early on Friday morning and could not get back to sleep. All of a sudden it popped into my head to contact the younger child’s teacher from the previous school year to see if she would like to be that student’s chaperone. I was so excited at the thought that she could be the chaperone for the shopping spree! (This teacher was a crucial adult relationship for the student after their mother had passed away.) The teacher responded later that morning that she would love to be this student’s chaperone! She thanked me so much for thinking of her and letting her be the chaperone. I let the father know that the teacher would be the student’s chaperone and he responded that the student would be “sooooo happy. They’ve been missing the teacher!!!”

Ready for School!

Fast forward to noon at Walmart, the student had a huge smile on their face when they walked toward the teacher. Both the student and their teacher had a great time shopping together and reconnecting. I had the privilege of shopping with the older sibling who was very gracious and appreciative for the opportunity. After the shopping trip, the father told me what a blessing this teacher has been to his student with all they went through with their mom. I am so thankful I had the honor and privilege of being able to play a part in brightening this family’s day and that I was able to see the community come together in such a special way.”