We are privileged to collaborate with amazing, dedicated educators within the Puyallup School District. To celebrate International Teacher’s Day, we asked our site coordinators to identify one educator who they’ve witnessed make a tremendous impact in their school. Here’s what they had to say:

“My favorite teacher here at Stewart is Becky Allen. Mrs. Allen teaches Kindergarten and has been for many years. She is always smiling. She is sweet to me, the staff, and her students. She welcomed me to Stewart with open arms. She is such a treasured gift for our Stewart Star Kinders.” – Carrie, Stewart Elementary Site Coordinator

“Meet Mrs. Heather Carnine, the most caring, relatable, and straightforward 6th-grade teacher at Firgrove Elementary. Ms. Carnine builds long-lasting connections and relationships with our students and thrives on making leaders out of our 6th graders in order to prepare them for junior high.” -Vanessa, Firgrove Elementary Site Coordinator

“Mrs. Finney has been such a joy to work with so far this year. She really brightens up the hallways and her classroom. She is always so positive and cheerful. She has helped welcome me and been so helpful with me getting to know her students and how I can help support her classroom this coming year. Thank you for being a Marigold in the building and in my life. You truly make a difference in each one of your students’ lives.” -Kayla, Pope Elementary Site Coordinator 

Woodland’s Kindergarten teacher Ms. Ferguson builds fun and loving approaches to teaching her lessons.  She demonstrates to her students the value that each one has plus how together they are magnificent!” -Mary, Woodland Elementary Site Coordinator

“Janet is the lead teacher in the Open Doors program at Walker. She has a huge heart for all students here. She goes above and beyond and her out-of-the-box teaching style engages her students. She has a lot of energy and doesn’t shy away from any challenge. Most of all, she’s a huge advocate for her students because she had a big heart.” -Mike, Walker High School Site Coordinator

“Cara Swenson is the music teacher at Sunrise Elementary.  I am lucky enough to have my office right next to her music room.  She has been so helpful and patient with all my questions.  A bonus is that I get to hear her classes make music all day. -Angela, Sunrise Elementary School Site Coordinator

“Mr. Benavides is one of the 4th-grade teachers here at Karshner. He always has his students’ best interest at heart and is not only concerned with their education but is involved with their families by reaching out to make sure they have the basic resources they need.” -Kiauna, Karshner Elementary School Site Coordinator

“Jess is a teacher who easily connects with her students. She is kind, caring, and so much fun. The kids always feel comfortable coming to her for anything, and so do I! She has been so supportive of me since starting as the site coordinator at Dessie Evans Elementary. She is the kind of teacher I would want to be, and the kind of teacher I hope my future kids have one day. I am so grateful to know her!” -Sami, Dessie Evans Site Coordinator

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  1. We love all our teachers!!! Thank you to Communities In Schools of Puyallup for recognizing our staff. <3

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